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Supporting Documents for Candidates

Supporting Documents and Standards

Academic Language for:



Before you videotape and collect student work samples see your program director for consent forms.

California Standards Documents

The TPEs are the teaching standards that guide preparation programs in their instruction and assessment of candidates earning a California teaching credential. 

The K-12 student content standards for the following subject areas can be found at

  • Career Technical Education (Agriculture, Health Science, Home Economics, Industrial Technology Education)
  • English/Language Arts
  • History/Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Visual and Performing Arts

The World Language framework can be downloaded at See the instructions in the Teaching Event Handbook for which part of the Framework to use.

Teaching Event Handbooks

Multiple Subject (Elementary) Teaching Event Handbooks

Single Subject (Secondary) Teaching Event Handbooks

Elementary Content Area Tasks (CATs)



Multiple Subject (Elementary) Rubrics


Elementary Content Area Tasks (CATs)


Single Subject (Secondary) Rubrics



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